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About Weekend Travel

A Respite From Regular Travel Agent And Travel Advice Sites

For more than a 12 years, we’ve been helping travelers who seek a unique vacation experience make connections and solid plans to go beyond the ordinary in their getaway experiences.

Storied History

Founded as an offline newsletter in the late 1990s, Weekend Travel Ideas has been living up to its titular mission of provoking new travel ideas and aiding travel research since the end of Clinton administration.  Recently migrated online, Weekend Travel Ideas is expanding form its original audience of Midwestern students on a budget to a wider and more sophisticated online audience of lost Googlers, jaded airfare forum buffs, and even naive grandmas in New Jersey anxious to branch out a little from the winter trip to Miami and the summer excursions down to Cape May.

We’re Here to Help

We hope you’ll browse around the site and stay while. Feel free to make suggestions about this site can better serve your travel research and brainstorming needs. ┬áMOst vacations are just lacking a little imagination and flexibility and that’s where we can help.