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Beaches Near NYC

New York City is most often associated with population density and urban sophistication, but the city is a surprisingly beach-friendly town, with many great beaches within an easy 1-2 hour commute. What’s more, many impromptu “Water Taxi” beach destinations have sprung up around the East River and the Hudson River – bringing a sand-and-sun type atmosphere to places as unlikely as Queens and Hoboken. For the more traditional-minded, here are some suggestions for great beaches near NYC.

Long Beach Island, New Jersey

Don’t confuse this beach with the one on Long Island.  This is actually a narrow stip of land off the coast of New Jersey – within sight of Atlantic City.  “L.B.I.” as the locals call it is a really great destination for a summer weekend getaway or a stopoff on a beach roadtrip en route from NYC.  BE sure to visit legendary local club “The Katch” to sample some cheesy-but-fun Jersey nightlife.  Also be sure to pick up some fried seafood from one of the several excellent roadside stands on the island.  A great nyc-area beach experience!

Fire Island, Long Island

Yes- it’s trendy. Yes people occasionally get naked and partake in recreational drug use there – but Fire Island beach is beautiful nonetheless and worth a visit at some point. A gem among beaches near NYC – if slightly played out and over-used.

Rockaway Beach, Queens

If you can avoid the riptides here, you’ll be in good shape – as soem of the best surfing in the Atlantic emerges depending on weather conditions and time of day.

Montauk Beach

Yes – the water runs cold this far East on Long Island – but there’s something undeniably serene about strolling the beaches once frequented by the lovelorn and mildly depressed characters animating The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  Who can forget the Montauk Beach Scenes from that ’00s classic?

Brighton Beach

Fire up some strong cigarettes and sip some strong coffee or stronger vodka with the very dapper denizens of this Brooklyn classic – proximal to Coney Island and, seemingly, the Caspian Sea.