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Weekend Getaways to Catalina Island – Secrets and Tips

Looking for a great lead on weekend travel in Southern California? Well look no further. You should check out Catalina Island – shimmering like a mysterious and relaxing beacon 90 miles out to see form the SoCal coastline. Weekend getaways to Catalina Island are a must for Angelenos serious about a change of pace from smog and gridlock during the week.

A Surprising Lack of Commercialism

For such a desirable destination within fairly easy reach of the Southern California megapolis, Catalina has remained refreshingly serene, secret destination thanks to a mixture of local ordinances and state and federal protection.  This is not to mention that the Wrigley family owned a large chunk of the island for many years and placed strict preservation conditions on what could and couldn’t be developed. That’s a secret that not many know…

A Fun Ferry Ride

You can reach Catalina by private boat, private plane, or perhaps a long-range helicopter. It’s an island after all. The less wealthy among us can leave from ferrys in Marina Del Rey, Newport Beach, and San Diego. For more information, take a tip and see the Catalina Express Ferry Website.

Useful Resources for Booking a Catalina Trip

It’s beyond the scope of this post to introduce you to all the wonders that Catalina has to offer.  We’re merely making the suggestion that you find our yourself.  We can point you in the right direction with some tips on websites, however.


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