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Memorial Day Weekend Getaways From NYC 2019

Memorial Day is nearly upon us, but there’s still plenty of time to plot an escape from the asphalt jungle of New York City.  You may want to opt for a long weekend in the country, or jetting off to another metropolis to celebrate might be your idea of fun. But whether it’s cosmopolitan sophistication or bucolic relaxation you crave, we hope you’ll take a moment to slow down and unplug from NYC’s hectic pace.

Nearby Options for the Long Memorial Weekend

The Hamptons season will now be officially underway, and, let’s face it, it’s pretty choice out there if you can afford the price of admission.  Otherwise, the more downmarket, but no less oceanically invigorating Jersey Shore might be the spot for you.  In that case you should consider giving Long Beach Island a try – or even Cape May.  Or if outer long Island is your thing, then Montauk will be starting to heat up.

Memorial Day Mountain Escapes 

The Catskills are close but the Adirondacks are probably the most beautiful mountain destination – but a long drive outside the city. If you’re headed to the Adirondacks but not completely convinced you’ll enjoy the scenery, you might well consider driving an extra 50-75 miles up into Montreal, in which case you can celebrate the holiday for American war dead on Canadian soil.  And if you’re still keen for a mountain experience, the view is actually quite breathtaking after a climb of Mt. Royale.

Offbeat Memorial Day Events

Does a zany equestrian competition hold interest? They’ve got them near Mohunk mountain.  How about a paddle boat race on the Hudson River? You might check out the Ossining City of commerce page.  Simply a sucker for fireworks, the just about any municipality in Connecticut is going to have something to light up the night sky and make you feel as if you’ve gone back to a simpler, small town America.

Drive Time Out of NYC

Is always brutal over the long weekend, so make sure to head out either mid morning Friday, or, even better later Thursday evening.  Getting this sort of a jump on the weekend is a priceless value add in terms of enjoyment maximization for your time and vacation budget spend.


Contact us with any additional suggestions you may have for Memorial Day getaways.