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Summer Weekend Getaways From NYC

Summer in NYC inevitable starts out full of promise – as Central Park and the riverbanks explode with energy and enthusiasm pent up from the city’s notoriously brutal winters. Yet, once the Independence Day glow fades away from the urban goliath, what’s left is a very hot, very humid pressure cooker from which longtime residents know that escape is essential.

Thus, without further ado, we give you five very prescient suggestions for summer weekend getaways from NYC – each one emphasizing a less humid, cooler environment than what New York City in summertime has to offer.

Surf on the Jersey Shore

The shore isn’t just for over-tanned proletarians with vulgar manners and overdriven sexual urges. It als can offer nice breaks if you know where to paddle out.

Camp in the Adirondacks

There’s a reason Mike Tyson trained up here. He could exercise twice as long without having a heatstroke and then get a great night’s sleep in a quiet environment a world away from the mean streets of Brooklyn.

Bet the Ponies at Saratoga

The racing season up here is civilized and surprisingly urbane for a bunch of horse-crazy gambling junkies with large amounts of disposable income.

Summer in the Hamptons

Just like Saratoga, only for status obsessed publicity junkies.

Float down the River in Pennsylvania

The state has to be good for something other than cheesesteaks and John Kruk – right?

Summer Weekend Getaways From NYC

You can really choose your own adventure with this one. We’ll update the post soon if you’re looking for more suggestions.