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Weekend Getaways to Catalina Island – Secrets and Tips

Looking for a great lead on weekend travel in Southern California? Well look no further. You should check out Catalina Island – shimmering like a mysterious and relaxing beacon 90 miles out to see form the SoCal coastline. Weekend getaways to Catalina Island are a must for Angelenos serious about a change of pace from smog and gridlock during the week.

A Surprising Lack of Commercialism

For such a desirable destination within fairly easy reach of the Southern California megapolis, Catalina has remained refreshingly serene, secret destination thanks to a mixture of local ordinances and state and federal protection.  This is not to mention that the Wrigley family owned a large chunk of the island for many years and placed strict preservation conditions on what could and couldn’t be developed. That’s a secret that not many know… Weekend Travel to Catalina – Continue Reading…

Travel Ideas For The Weekend: An Introduction

A long time in development, weekend travel ideas is a website dedicated to the proposition that not all weekends are created equal. Originally called Travel Idea Weekend, the service has existed for over a decade.  In order to create fulfilling experiences during your time off, good planning and good information are musts. Often times you’ll … Continue reading